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Listed below are some of  the services we offer at our branches.

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Our team members in each branch are capable of producing blueprints of various sizes up to A0 according to your specific needs.

Large Format / CADD Plotting

Each of our branches is equipped with plotter printers for plans and drawings up to A0 (33.1 x 46.8 inches) in black and white or colored formats.

Small Format Printing

Our branches accept print orders for various types of paper (white, sticker, vellum, photo paper, etc), BW/colored,

low-volume and high-volume printing. 


Our teams are also experienced in the conversion of documents into various sizes and in to different mediums (blueprint, whiteprint, tracing paper, digital and microfilm) 


For the preservation of documents, our branches are furnished with equipment to scan documents of varying sizes (up to A0 33.1 x 46.8 inches) and materials into digital formats such as JPG, PDF, TIFF.


Our team is capable of binding your documents in the following ways: hardbound, softbound, ring-bound up to A0. Foil stamping and various leatherette colors are available

ID Photos and Photo Coverage

Through florofoto we provide high quality photo packages such as ID and portrait shots in various mediums such as matte and glossy. florofoto also offers photo and video coverages for events.

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