Don’t worry about wear and tear!

When it comes to construction, you need durable,

sun-proof, and waterproof prints for everyone to use.

This page is under construction. It will be back soon to cater to your printing needs.


Highlight Every Detail


DigiBlu is specialized for architectural, engineering, and survey plans. With its long lasting print properties, you can be assured that your plans can weather through any condition.

- Clear and defined lines

- No ammonia smell

- Waterproof (will not run/blot)

- Sunproof (will not fade)

- No development time required


Make Your Designs Come to Life

DigiKolor is the next step in making your plans a reality. With vibrant colors and weather-resistant prints, you can showcase your design worry free. 

- Clear and defined lines

- Vibrant colors

- Waterproof

- Sunproof (will not fade)

- No minimum order required

Print Size Chart



The following are the standard print sizes available for your DigiBlu and DigiKolor prints. We also offer custom size printing depending on your requirements.

Size Chart.JPG